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TRANSLUCENT SERVICES is a professional pool service company that provides  services for your pool or spa. The emphasis of our site is on being an informed consumer with information about safety and tips to get the most out of your pool experience. We help you so that you can spend your free time enjoying your pool or spa!

Has your pool gotten away from you and it is now a green, ugly mess?  No worries we can take it from swampy green to crystal, clear, blue for you!

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You can reach us at 925-519-7910We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our email address: poolpro@translucentservices.com.

Our company was first established in 1993 has been responsible for providing outstanding professional cleaning and repairs for pools/spas for many years. Our specialty is in the area of swimming pool weekly maintenance, chemical water balance, and equipment repairs.  Our regular customers particularly value our regular full weekly service, reasonable prices, and dependability. Our business recently relocated to Northern California in the East Bay, Tri-Valley Area.

We belong to IPSSA (Independent Pool & Spa Service Association).  Go to our About Us page to find out more about this organization and how it can benefit you.


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